Here is a list of Korean side dishes called Banchan that will highlight your Korean meal. While they are mostly served as side dishes, they are almost as important as main dishes in Korean cuisine. From vegetable to tofu, you can make these easy recipes in your own kitchen.

21 Korean side dish recipes are collected as a roundup.

Banchan (반찬) is what we call Korean side dishes in Korean. They are a must-have to enjoy any Korean meal and staple dishes of Korean food.

From typical vegetable banchan recipes made with soybean sprouts, cucumber or spinach to potato, tofu or egg, you have it all here. 

Plus, since many of them are vegetable side dishes, some of banchan dishes are perfectly vegetarian or vegan (or adaptable to the diet). They make a great base for the ever popular Korean rice dish –bibimbap.

These Korean side dish recipes are easy and quick to put together, mostly under 30 minutes or less. You can use a variety of Korean cooking method of blanching, steaming, quick braising, and pan-frying while preparing them.

Any of these Korean side dish can complement your classic bulgogi, Korean BBQ ribs or other Korean main dishes. Or just enjoy simply with a bowl of rice.

Each dish has a unique flavor profile, and very healthy. Add these authentic recipes to your to-make list and you’re on your way to Korean culinary bliss – Mukja!

Check out my cookbook, Korean Cooking Favorites, for more banchan ideas.

What about kimchi? Yes, kimchi is considered a side dish in Korean cuisine, but it requires a whole category on its own. So it is not included in this banchan roundup. You can find numerous kimchi recipes on my site or check out my easy kimchi recipe roundup post.

Easy & Quick Korean Side Dishes (Banchan)

Soybean sprouts are served as a side dish on the napkin.

Korean Bean Sprout Side Dish (Kongnamul Muchim)

We call this soybean sprout side dish, “a national side dish of Korea" because every household consumes this bean sprout Korean side dish at least once a week.
Two Korean spinach side dishes are served with rice on a tray.

Korean Spinach Side Dish in 2 Variations

Korean spinach side dish is a classic in Korean cuisine. Here are two variations: one with soy sauce and the other with gochujang. Learn how to make them both and see which one you like better.
Crunchy refreshing Korean cucumber salad is a perfect side dish for any Korean main dish

Quick Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim)

This Korean cucumber salad is a refreshing delight in every bite, retaining its crisp texture for days after preparation. Plus, it can be easily made and ready in just 10 minutes.
Korean eggplant side dish is presented in a small serving dish with chopsticks.

Steamed Korean Eggplant (Gaji Namul)

Steamed Korean eggplant side dish is simple and healthy. Enjoy the vibrant purple color of eggplant along with its soft texture and delicious taste.
Pan seared crispy tofu slices are topped with soy chili sauce on a platter

Crispy Korean Pan-Fried Tofu (Dubu Buchim)

This Korean pan-fried tofu recipe is crispy and chewy, just the way you like to eat tofu. No pressing is required before cooking and it is the best low-effort, pan-seared tofu dish you can easily make at home.
Spicy braised tofu slices are placed in an oval platter with a pair of chopsticks

Quick Braised Tofu

This quick Korean braised tofu recipe turns bland tofu into a full flavored dish. Pan-seared tofu slices are braised in a spicy savory sauce. Adjust the amount of Korean chili flakes to suit your spice level.
Streamed silken tofu with Korean soy chili sauce is easy to spoon up

Microwave Soft Tofu Recipe (5-Minute)

This Korean soft tofu (silken tofu) recipe takes only 5 minutes to cook in a microwave. A slightly spicy soy chili sauce adds umami in this light tofu dish. You will also learn other easy cooking method to prepare tofu.
Korean braised lotus root is served in a white plate with chopsticks on the side.

Korean Braised Lotus Root

Lotus root makes a delectable Korean side dish. Braising with soy sauce and rice syrup creates a charming sweet and salty flavor. The glazed lotus root also has a unique texture, soft and chewy yet a little crispy.
This steaming hot volcanic Korean egg is cooked in a stone pot.

Korean Steamed Egg (Gyeran-Jjim)

Korean steamed egg (gyeran-jjim) is a savory egg side dish. Beaten eggs are mixed with chicken stock, and simmered in a stone pot creating fluffy custard egg. It's a true comfort food and fun to prepare at home.
Potato strips and shredded vegetables are pan fried in a pan with wooden spatula.

Korean Pan-Fried Potatoes (gamja bokkeum)

Korean pan-fried potatoes (gamja bokkeum) is a common potato side dish. You can stir-fry the potato alone or with other vegetables. Learn tips on how to slice and cook the potato properly.
Cubes of Korean potato side dish is on a napkin with a pair of chopsticks

Korean Potato Side Dish (Gamja Jorim)

Gamja jorim is a popular Korean potato side dish. Potato cubes are simmered in a slightly sweetened savory soy sauce mixture. It is a perfect side dish for any Korean meals.
Two types of Korean anchovy side dishes are served with rice

Korean Dried Anchovy Side Dish (Two Recipes)

Dried anchovies make a tasty Korean side dish with the slightly sweet and salty flavor along with the crunchy texture. Here are two different Korean anchovy recipes that you can easily make at home.
Korean shredded squid side dish is on a greet plate with a pair of chopsticks.

Spicy Shredded Squid Side Dish

Dried shredded squid make a tasty Korean side dish. It is cooked with sweet and savory gochujang sauce. This chewy side dish is a popular item for Korean lunch box.
Steamed Chilies (Shishito Peppers)

Steamed Chilies with Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers make one of the tasty Korean vegetable side dishes. This steamed shishito chili recipe is simple banchan to go with many Korean main dishes.
Zucchini squash and dried anchovy side dish is served on a grey plate in a woven platter

Korean Zucchini Side Dish

This Korean zucchini side dish (hobak bokkeum) is made by a quick simmering rather than stir-frying. This is a homestyle banchan that any Korean food lover will enjoy.
Homemade roasted seaweed snacks made in bulk in no time.

Homemade Roasted & Dried Seaweed Snacks

Making homemade roasted seaweed snacks (gim-gui, 김구이) is easier than you think! It’s also so much healthier, and cheaper than packaged store-bought seaweed snacks. My recipe takes just 25 minutes. For best results, it’s important to use the proper ingredients, including raw dried seaweed sheets(parae gim).
Korean cabbage tossed with Korean Soybean Paste serve as a vegan side dish.

Korean Cabbage with Soybean Paste

A tender young spring Korean cabbage is tossed in Korean soybean paste. Any leafy vegetables can be used and perfect to serve with rice.
Watercress Tofu Salad is a greaat Korean vegan side dish

Korean Watercress Tofu Salad Side Dish

This watercress and tofu salad is a great Korean vegan and vegetarian dish. Blanched watercress and crumbled tofu are seasoned with soybean paste, garlic and sesame oil. Serve with rice!
Pickled Cucumber Salad garnished with green onion and sesame seed is served in a green bowl.

Pickled Cucumber Side Dish

Turn Asian pickled cucumbers into a spicy salad to eat with rice. Korean chili flakes and a hint of sugar makes this simple side dish delicious and makes it a great way to enjoy pickled cucumbers.
A seasoned and steamed perilla leaf is on a bowl of rice

Quick Steamed Perilla Leaves (kkaennip jjim)

This steamed perilla leaves are seasoned with Korean soy sauce and chili flakes, then cooked in a microwave. It makes a quick side dish.
Korean radish with clam side dish is on e green plate with chopticks

Korean Radish with Clams

Korean radish and canned chopped clam makes a quick and delicious Korean side dish. Korean perilla oil brings a fragrant aroma to the sweet and mellow taste of Korean radish.

And there you have it – 18+ easy & quick Korean side dishes (Banchan) that you can enjoy with your loved ones! I hope this list brought you some inspiration for your Korean cooking adventure.

Soybean sprouts are served as a side dish on the napkin.

Easy and Quick Korean Side Dishes: Korean Bean Sprout Side Dish

This Korean bean sprout side dish is made with soybean sprouts. It has a crunchy texture and nutty taste. This recipe is easy and quick to make.
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  • Put sprouts in a pot and pour in 4 tablespoon of water. Close the lid tightly and let the sprouts cook over medium heat for 6 minutes. Do not open the lid. If you have a glass lid, you will see the steamed water drips down under the lid.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and open the lid. Stir and turn the sprouts so that the ones on the bottom come to the top and the ones on the top end up on the bottom, and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Drain the spouts in a colander to remove the extra water and let cool for a couple of minutes.
  • Place the warm sprouts in a large mixing bowl. Add garlic, green onion, Korean soy soy sauce, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, and a pinch of salt. Toss the salad with your hand or using kitchen tongs to mix well.
  • Taste the salad and add more salt if needed. Serve at room temperature or chilled.
Calories: 48kcal, Carbohydrates: 4g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 3g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 116mg, Potassium: 102mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2g, Vitamin A: 32IU, Vitamin C: 8mg, Calcium: 23mg, Iron: 1mg
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