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Editorial Policies

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer authentic Korean, Asian, and world cuisine recipes that are simple and easy to prepare at home and that taste amazing. Our recipes are rooted in tradition. We clearly indicate any fusion variations.

We aim to provide recipes that are accessible for all cooking levels, ensuring enjoyment for everyone.

Recipe Development and Writing

Beyond Kimchee is dedicated to inspiring home cooks with recipes that are both easy to follow and exciting to explore.

Our site boasts a growing library of over 400 recipes, each thoughtfully developed for home cooking. We rigorously test each recipe in our kitchen to ensure they meet our standards of taste, quality, and simplicity.

Our intimate knowledge of each recipe enables us to provide unique tips, tools, and serving ideas, along with insights that add a special touch to your cooking experience.

Holly, also known as Hye-Gyoung Ford, is the founder of Beyond Kimchee and the creative force behind all the content on this site, bringing a personal and authentic touch to every recipe and blog post.

We embrace cooking techniques and flavors from across the globe, celebrating the stories and cultures that inspire our diverse dishes.

Accuracy and Corrections

We diligently strive to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our articles when published. If we identify any errors, we promptly update and correct these mistakes to maintain the integrity of our content. All the recipes are original except for adaptations that are clearly marked.

We value our readers’ feedback and continuously update our recipes based on their experiences. If you find an error or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know! Our goal is to provide recipes that are reliable, effective, and enjoyable for everyone.

Comment Policy

We love hearing your thoughts and feedback on our recipes. Your valuable input often helps us improve and assist other readers.

We support respectful and relevant conversation. Please avoid any threatening, defamatory, derogatory, hateful, offensive, or irrelevant remarks.

We reserve the right to delete comments that don’t align with these guidelines. Comment removal is at the sole discretion of the Beyond Kimchee.