Cubed Radish Kimchi, Kkakdugi

by Beyond Kimchee on September 16, 2014 · 0 comments

Cubed Radish Kimchi, KkakdugiWho can resist the crunch, refreshing, and perfectly fermented Korean radish kimchi called “Kkakdugi”?

One Korean food that I am dying to eat right now is a bowl of hot bone marrow soup (설렁탕, seolleongtang) and this kkakdugi kimchi as a side dish.

I was lucky to get a bunch of Korean radish the other day and I am so~ so~ so~ excited to share this wonderful recipe with you.

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Mapo Tofu

by Beyond Kimchee on September 12, 2014 · 2 comments

Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐) is my first love in Chinese food. When I first heard of it a long time ago, I thought it was originated from Korea. Because the name “Mapo” sounded same as the name of the area in Seoul called Mapo-gu. LOL!!!  I was just an innocent girl who didn’t know much about the global food at that time.

Well, to clarify it…, Mapo tofu is not from Seoul. As far as I know it is from Sichuan province of China. I think there are several versions of how this delicious tofu recipe has originated. But one thing that says the same is the person who made it first.

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Beef and Tofu Stew in a Skillet

by Beyond Kimchee on September 7, 2014 · 3 comments

Beef Tofu Stew in a SkilletOne of the tough challenge I am facing these days in Buenos Aires has to be the grocery shopping for Korean food items. There is Korean town on the other side of the city. It takes about 1 hour to get there. I don’t mind driving that far, but the obstacle is that there is absolutely no place to park no matter what time of the day I go. Streets are very narrow and all occupied with cars. It is frustrating and discouraging.

Last weekend I had to take my husband to drop me off right in front of the store so that I can grab some Korean groceries as fast as I can while he drives around a few more blocks until he comes back to pick me up.

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Stir-fried Spicy Squid, 오징어 볶음

September 1, 2014

Stir-fried Spicy Squid

Stir-fried Spicy SquidThere is one seafood (Well…, actually more than one) that my husband, who grow up in Colorado, can’t take it. And his families and my kids won’t eat it, either.

It is the SQUID. And the squid’s big cousin octopus would even be a nightmare to them. For that reason, I don’t get to cook squid that often. Alas!

I l.o.v.e squid. I hope you do, too. Otherwise, I feel like I am so left alone in this world full of squid haters.

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Pasta with Checca Sauce, Pasta alla cecca

August 27, 2014

Summer is coming to an end soon in northern hemisphere. One thing I love about the summer is the abundance of beautiful tomatoes and herbs in the garden or in the farmer’s market.

I love making simple pasta with the fresh ingredients that doesn’t require any cooking in the summer. (except cooking the pasta in boiling water)

I have been making this Pasta with Checca sauce (aka pasta alla cecca) for many years whenever I get the juicy plump tomatoes and a bunch of fresh basil in hand. With the addition of some garlic, green onion, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese, you can taste the summer of Italy in your home. Yuppy-doo~!!!

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Multi-Purpose Gochujang Sauce

August 24, 2014

Here is one ultimate gochujang sauce that you can use in many different Korean dishes.

I often make this sauce in a large amount and store in the refrigerator. It can last up to one month and even longer if well stored. I use it to top my cold noodles, on a grilled fish or chicken, dip my vegetables, and many more. That way you don’t have to make the sauce every time you crave those dishes. It saves your cooking time and less dishes to wash. How divine!

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A day trip to Estancia, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

August 18, 2014

The winter in Buenos Aires looks like coming to an end.

The sun filled days are beautiful these days and I’m finally beginning to explore the beauties of Argentina – starting with one of the well known Estancia near Buenos Aires.

If U.S in north America has extensive ranches with cowboys, Argentina in south America has beautiful Estancias with Gauchos.

We visited Estancia La Porteña at San Antonio de Areco, about 1-1/2 hour drive from Buenos Aires.

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Quick Steamed Perilla Leaves (깻잎찜)

August 11, 2014

I can never get enough of Perilla leaves, the fragrant Korean herb.

They can be eaten raw in salad or wrap, or made into kimchi to enjoy as a fermented food. Some love to pickle them or quickly steam them to enjoy as a side dish.

I have showed you how to make Perilla Kimchi with these gorgeous leaves. The fragrance of the leaves matched with pungent flavor of kimchi is something that anyone who enjoys Korean food will love to indulge with a bowl of hot rice.

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Pavlova with Kiwi and Passion Fruit

August 5, 2014

The very first time I had a piece of Pavlova was about 10 years ago when I lived in Singapore.

It was the “love at first sight” experience. I would say “Delightful” was the exact word that I could describe when I had the first bite.

Without knowing much of its history behind, I was quite confused where Pavlova was originated. I heard from both Australian and New Zealander. And I, soon, learned that you don’t talk about the origination of Pavlova when the both nationalities present at the table.

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