Beef with Ginger and Green Onion

by Beyond Kimchee on July 15, 2014 · 17 comments

Beef with Ginger and Green Onion

Beef is good! I can’t deny it.

When the beef is juicy and tender, that makes your relationship with beef “Hot”.  And when you can prepare the dish with beef very quickly without much fuss, your relationship becomes even sexy~!

So here is one Asian recipe – “Beef with Ginger and Green onion” – that you can make with a blink of an eye, if I can exaggerate. It is *quick and easy, full of flavor, and good for you* kind of Asian food that you can easily make at home.

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Pickled Cucumber Salad

by Beyond Kimchee on July 11, 2014 · 9 comments

Pickled Cucumber SaladSummer in Korea is quite hot and humid.  People often complain that they lost their appetite and looking for something that spikes up their lost appetite.

Cool, crunch, and slightly spicy and sweet, this pickled cucumber salad can stimulate the lost appetite in the hot summer. This is a very common summer side dish in any Korean table and it is very simple to make.

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Gochujang Sloppy Joes

by Beyond Kimchee on July 6, 2014 · 14 comments

 Gochujang Sloppy JoesSloppy Joes is one of the well known American classic dish.

I understand the term “sloppy” in the title. This is a kind of dish that can be prepared quick and easy, and it can be a little messy when you eat with hands. However why does it have a name of “Joe”? Why not Bob or David?  Just simply curious!

Anyway, I want to give a little twist to this all American classic sandwich by adding a Korean flavor.  Yes, this is Gochujang Sloppy Joes!  Gochujang will add a very gentle spicy kick and you will love how it binds all the flavors so nicely.

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Hello from Buenos Aires

July 2, 2014

Ola, Buen día! ¿Cómo estás?.

Yes, I need to speak Spanish badly – seriously, desperately for my survival. I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I moved to Buenos Aires about 3 weeks ago and I feel like a lost soul ever since.

Without being able to speak much Spanish, my life in Buenos Aires is not as easy as I hoped for so far. Things are quite different than I used to, but I believe it will get better as time goes on.

La Boca

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Cheesy Rice Balls

May 29, 2014

It seems like I always have a ton of leftover rice. Duh!

So here I am throwing a simple yet very tasty snack, appetizer, or finger food that you can make easily with leftover rice. You have to use short grain rice, though. You will need the stickiness from the short grain.

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Orange French Toast

May 23, 2014

Orange French Toast

I am not a morning person to be honest. And the breakfast in my house has to be the simplest kind possible, otherwise it will be my family’s DIY (do it yourself).

However, on occasional weekends when I get ‘the breakfast feel’ running in my body, I can cook some mean breakfast. And this Orange French Toast is one of my family favorites.

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Soy Braised Onion

May 18, 2014

This Soy Braised Onion was one of my childhood favorite side dishes. My mother often made it whenever she had too much onions in the kitchen.

You will only need onions, soy sauce and olive oil. I added a little Korean style corn syrup and sesame seeds for extra lust and nuttiness, but you can omit them. It is extremely simple to make and delicious to top a bowl of rice. Perfectly vegetarian and vegan worthy.


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Beef Meatballs with Pineapple Soy Glaze

May 13, 2014

Everyone seems to like meatballs. I do, too.

I love my mother’s meatballs. She mixes ground beef with finely chopped mushrooms, bell pepper, and garlic, then coat with flour and egg, and pan fry in the oil. They are flavorful and so good with a bowl of rice.

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Chungmu Kimbap, the famous seaweed rice rolls from my hometown

May 8, 2014

Today’s recipe is very special one for me. Because this is the famous Chungmu Kimbap (충무김밥) from my hometown..

Most foreigners who enjoy Korean food provably tried Kimbap, the seaweed rice rolls stuffed with various vegetables. I bet not many of them have tried or even heard of “Chungmu Kimbap” though. Chungmu Kimbap is popular seaweed rice rolls among local Koreans. There are many franchise restaurants in Korea that specialize this particular kimbap.

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