Coconut Cream Pie

by Beyond Kimchee on April 21, 2014 · 13 comments

Coconut Cream PieWhenever I travel in U.S, I like to drive on the local high way to pass by their business routes if my time permits.

I like to eat at local diners on the roadside. I love listening the old favorite songs from the jukebox and enjoy simply prepared food that are always delicious. Sometimes the waitresses are not as friendly I would hope for, but I consider that is part of a life experience.

The best part of eating at diners are their desserts, the pies! I love classic southern style pies. And this Coconut Cream Pie has to be one of my favorite.

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Bachelor Kimchi

by Beyond Kimchee on April 12, 2014 · 13 comments

Bachelor KimchiI often find that Koreans name their kimchi in a very honest way. This particular kimchi called “Bachelor Kimchi (chonggak kimchi, 총각김치)” is one of them. Chonggak means bachelor in Korean and this kimchi was named  to honor the bachelors. You might wonder how these weird radish breed can honor the bachelors. Well, I leave it up to you to imagine.

Although the original name for this kimchi is “chonggak kimchi”, some people calls “altari moo kimchi (알타리 무김치)” instead. Altiari is the name for this particular radish.

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Spicy Bean Sprout Salad

by Beyond Kimchee on April 6, 2014 · 9 comments

Spicy Bean SproutBean Sprouts…! 콩나물, kongnamul!

The most consumed vegetable next to the cabbage in Korea would be the bean sprouts. We often call it 국민반찬 (gookmin banchan), which translates into “The national side dish of People’s Republic of Korea”.  Koreans eat bean sprouts A LOT.

They are cheap, nutritious, and also very delicious to the taste. What’s there not to love about? You can do many things with bean sprouts and here is a very simple Spicy Bean Sprout Salad that you always see in many Korean restaurants along with the plain bean sprout salad.

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Lemon Yogurt Cupcakes with Lemon Yogurt Glaze

April 1, 2014

I think I was about 8 years old. I had an ambitious dream that I would be making lots of money by selling chicken eggs. I am cracking up right now as I write this post but here is the story…

Coming to the recipe, this lemon cupcakes are really top notch. Not only it is so simple to make, it is so tender and moist, and brings the just right balance between the tart and sweet. I was going to make butter cream frosting to go with these cupcakes but I am glad that I changed into simple lemon glaze using the leftover yogurt. It enhanced the flavor so perfectly.

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Rice Cakes with Roasted Mini Peppers and Tomatoes, and It’s Gluten Free!

March 27, 2014

Rice cakes are so versatile and there are so many things you can create with. They are gluten free, fat free, and somewhat flavor free, so that you can mingle them with many flavors and satisfy serious carb cravings.

When I saw bags of mini sweet peppers on sale at the store, I was instantly inspired to create something with rice cakes. I made Rice Cakes with Roasted Mini Peppers and Tomatoes

You can certainly use regular bell peppers instead if that’s what you have.

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Orange Beef

March 21, 2014

I used to think beef doesn’t go well with fruits. And I think I might be wrong. Beef is excellent meat choice to pair with fruit and here is one recipe that I can prove: The Orange Beef!

Many of us provably had this sweet and savory dish in our favorite Chinese restaurant somewhere. The thin slices of beef are so crispy and the sticky sauce that coats the meat is just lip smacking good.

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Blueberry Tart

March 14, 2014

Ahhh…., blueberries! One of the most powerful anti-oxidant food that can keep our life young and beautiful… There are so many things you can do with these little tiny jewels. Out of all the choices I can make, I chose to make a Blueberry Tart with them, but not in the traditional tart form. I […]

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Radish with Clams

March 9, 2014

Koreans love eating radishes. We often turn this nutrition packed root vegetable into salad and kimchi. We throw some in the soups and stews, too. We even dry the radish and make something delicious with it. Today I am going to share a very simple side dish called “Moo Namool, 무나물”, but with a twist. […]

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Nabak Kimchi, the water kimchi

March 1, 2014

Have you ever heard kimchi called “Nabak Kimchi“? It is a watery kimchi with cabbage and radish mingled in delicious yet pungent kimchi broth. This is the kimchi that doesn’t use any fish sauce or any fish product, so you can serve to your vegan friends or people with seafood allergy. It is also very […]

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