A bottle of Korean plum extract is displayed on the counter.

Korean plum syrup (Maesil cheong, 매실청) is another popular sweetener as a sugar alternative. Due to the alleged health benefits of green plums (muesli) aged in sugar, it adds a a sweet and mildly tangy taste and brightens up your dish.

Homemade Korean green plum extract is easy to make if you can find the green plums. Mix equal parts pitted plums and sugar in a jar and let the syrup form naturally over a few months.

Health Benefit of Korean plum extract

  1. Treats symptoms of inflammation and diarrhea, and detoxifies the body.
  2. Helps relieving fatigue and stimulating the appetite.
  3. Relieves upset stomach
  4. Prevents dehydration and improves heart regularity.
  5. Helps with food digestion.

The Usage of masil-cheong

  • Marinade – Koreans use this plum extract to marinade meats to tenderize. You will find this plum syrup used in many of authentic Korean BBQ ribs and bulgogi dishes.
  • Sauce – many dipping sauce contains this syrup for their slight tangy flavor. Seasoned gochujang sauce or bibimbap sauce is a great example of using Korean plum syrup.
  • Drink – Korean plum extract is known for its ardiovascular health benefit, and helps to combat anxiety. Mix with ice old water and it makes refreshing summer drinks. Some people even use it to make alcoholic cocktail.