This traditional Korean green onion kimchi recipe has the addition of dried pollock fish. It adds a robust flavor to the kimchi with umami taste. This gluten-free kimchi takes less than 25 minutes to make from scratch.

This gluten-free green onion kimchi is made with dried pollock fish.

Green onion kimchi is one of the popular kimchi during the spring and summer season in Korea. Green onion, aka scallion, is abundant anywhere and they are very inexpensive to make kimchi with. This green onion kimchi recipe is made with dried pollock fish (hwangtae, 황태).

I found a large bunch of beautiful spring green onion at the store and I knew I had to make kimchi. I had some dried pollock fish so I added to the kimchi. And the outcome is an outstandingly delicious kimchi!

Korean Green Onion & Dried Pollock Fish

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi

Look for spring green onion that are slim. Spring onion should be tender and has mild onion taste. If you find a bunch that are not cleaned, all you need to do is to remove the dirt layer at the root part and cut it off. It doesn’t take that long to clean them.

Dried pollock fish will add a robust flavor to the kimchi when fermented. You can find dried and shredded pollock at most Korean groceries. They can be a little costly but addition of pollock brings really nice flavor to the green onion kimchi. Try my dried pollock soup for a quick Korean breakfast.

If you can’t find them, or don’t want any seafood flavor in the kimchi, you can omit them and add more green onion to the recipe.

Green onion kimchi is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest kimchi you can make.

How to make green onion kimchi with dried pollock

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi

You will need to wilt the green onions a little but by tossing with small amount of fish sauce. I have posted green onion kimchi before and you will find a lightly different recipes for this delicious kimchi. I sliced the green onion this time. It is easier to eat that way.

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi

Making kimchi seasoning paste is not that difficult. You will need to make rice glue. The starch in the glue will help the paste to adhere to the green onion and helps fermentation. You will find the step by step instruction on the green onion kimchi posting.

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi

All you need to do is to combine green onion, dried pollock, seasoning paste, and some black sesame seeds; and toss.

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi

Put the kimchi in a plastic bag inside the airtight container. Let it sit in a room temperature for a couple of days and store in the refrigerator afterward. Your green onion pollock kimchi should be ready to eat after a few days.

Green Onion Pollock Kimchi will develope a robust flavor when fermented.

You will enjoy the pungent flavor from the green onion and pollock after they got fermented. This green onion pollock kimchi will accompany many Korean dishes you serve beautifully.

So don’t miss out to turn green onion into kimchi when you see a bunch of beautiful spring green onion.  Hope you like this kimchi as much as I do.

More Easy Kimchi Recipes

green onion kimchi is made with dried pollock fish

Green Onion Kimchi with Dried Pollock Fish

This traditional Korean green onion kimchi recipe is made with dried pollock fish. It adds a robust flavor to the kimchi. This gluten-free kimchi takes less than 25 minutes to make from scratch.
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  • Slice green onion to 2″ pieces and put them in a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle 1 table spoon of anchovy sauce and toss. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, water and sweet rice flour in a small pot and place the pot over medium high heat. Cook the mixture until thickens, about, 2-3 minutes, as whisking continuously. Remove from the heat and set aside to cook.
  • In a blender, puree together apple, ginger, and the rest of fish sauce until smooth.
  • Combine the rice glue, apple ginger puree with Korean chili flakes in a bowl and add sugar; mix well to make the seasoning paste.
  • Add the seasoning paste to the green onion in a large bowl, add in the dried pollock, and black sesame seeds; toss to incorporate all.
  • Line an airtight glass container with a large plastic bag. Put the kimchi inside the plastic bag and tie to seal. Close the lid and let it sit in the room temperature for 2 days, then store in the fridge for another 3-4 days. Serve the kimchi with any korean meal.


* To make anchovy stock, simmer 5-6 large dried anchovies in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. discard the anchovies and reserve the stock.
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