A jar of Korean salted shrimp is placed on a counter

Korean salted shrimp (Saeu-jeot, 새우젓) is a type of jeotgal (fish sauce) made with salted and fermented tiny shrimps. It is one of the most consumed fish sauce along with Korean anchovy sauce in Korean cuisine.

How to use salted shrimp

Salted shrimp is a popular ingredient in kimchi paste when making kimchi; as you see in my cucumber kimchi recipe, for example. However it plays an important role in other dishes to add umami taste, including kimchi jjigae, Korean steamed egg, and bossam (Korean pork belly wraps).

Saeujeot has a high content of salt, which makes a good seasoning agent in some dishes. But be cautious to use it sparingly if using in the recipes other than kimchi, so that it won’t overpower the flavor of the dish.

Tiny salted shrimps are put in a white dish

You can utilize both the shrimp and the liquid in the recipes. Some recipes might ask you to mince the shrimp before adding to cooking steps.

Storage note

You will find salted shrimp in the refrigerated section at your local Korean grocery stores. Store salted shrimp in the refrigerator all the time. Once opened, it will keep for 6 months.