A bag of dried shredded pollock is shown.

Korean dried pollock (hwangtae or bugeo) is Pollock fish that has been drying for a long time. It comes in as a whole dried fish, butterflied, or shredded like sticks of wood.

How to use dried pollock fish

Dried pollock rehydrates well by soaking in water creating intense umami in the dish. It makes a great soup stock for a various Korean soups and stews that needs deep seafood flavor.

The whole fish with a head attached is for making stock as you can see in my kimchi stock recipe. Butterflied pollock fish often made into a dish called Hwantae gui (황태구이), by dressing it with a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce, then grill it in the pan or over the open flame.

Dried shredded pollock pieces are out of package

The dried shredded pollock has several usage.

How to store dried pollock

Keep any form of dried pollock in an airtight zip bag and store in a cool dry place until it expires. For a longer storage, it’s best to keep it in the freezer.