Delicious spicy Korean sea snail salad is made easy with canned sea snail and vegetables. Serve this salad with cold vermicelli noodles.

Spicy Korean Snail Salad is made with canned sea snail (golbangyi) and vermicelli noodles.

Have you tried spicy Korean sea snail salad? It is often served with cold vermicelli noodles on the side and it becomes a satisfying meal for lunch or dinner.

I have a feeling that today’s recipe will be either LOVE it or HATE it type. It is all about the snails, the edible kinds.

Actually the word “snail” for this dish is not the right translation. The sea snails I used for this recipe in Korean is called “골뱅이, golbangyi”.  The snail in Korean is “달팽이, dalpangyi”. I couldn’t find the right English word for golbangyi, and the next close thing is the snail. So I will call this recipe the Spicy Korean Sea Snail Salad, 골뱅이 무침 (golbangyi muchim).

If you happen to know the Korean Golbangyi in English, please share.

Korean Snail Salad is tossed with crunchy vegetables in spicy sauce and noodles

Koreans do eat a few kinds of snails but not all. Golbangyi is perhaps the most popular among them and it is mostly consumed from a can. Fresh golbangyi is available sometimes but it is a pain to get the meat out of the shell if you know what I mean.

Golbangyi is delicious. Its texture is similar to clam. So if you like clams, you won’t have a problem with golbangyi.

I made spicy salad with my canned friend. This salad is quite popular during summer month and often serve with thin wheat vermicelli. If you truly love Korean noodle dishes and love what the locals eat, you will love this salad.

BTW canned sea snails are available in most Korean grocery stores and they are very affordable. So why not try something unusual for the sake of summer?

Korean Sea Snails (golbangyi)

Two cans of Korean sea snail called gobangyi.

Here are 2 small cans of sea snails (golbangyi, 골뱅이).

canned sea snail is drained in a colander.

Drain and reserve a little bit of its juice. Rinse the sea snails once. I like my sea snails in big chunks. You can cut off to small piece if you prefer.

How to make Korean Sea Snail Salad

Thinly slice cabbage, cucumber, and carrot to make a Korean salad.

Slice all the vegetables.

Thin slices of onion and chopped green onion are ready for a Korean salad recipe.

And onions, too.

Sea snail (golbangyi) is added to the salad vegetable mixture in a bowl.

Put everything in a large mixing bowl.

Make a spicy salad dressing with Korean chili flakes.

In a small mixing bowl, combine garlic, chili paste, chili flakes, vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds, and…

Korean green plum extract is added to the spicy salad dressing.

this special ingredient I use often in Korean salad. This the Korean green plum extract (maeshil jeup). You might be able to find this golden syrup in a big Korean store.

If you can’t find it, omit it. Instead use the reserved 2 tablespoon of sea snail juice from the can.

Spicy Korean salad dressing is mixed well in a bowl.

Mix everything to make the sauce.

Hand toss the sea snail salad with vegetables in a mixing bowl.

Pour the sauce over the sea snails and vegetables in a bowl. Mix with the divine kitchen tool that was given to you from the heaven – your HAND!

Taste the salad to adjust the seasoning.

Taste it! Then, adjust the seasonings as you like. You can eat the salad alone but try mixing with thin wheat noodles to make complete meal.

Serve Korean spicy sea snail salad with vermicelli noodles.

Cold and refreshing! You’ve just got one exotic meal of the summer to remember. I gave a little portion to my children as a lunch. It was spicy but they liked it.

“These clams are very delicious, mom!” My 12 year old daughter said as she was drinking a cup of milk to neutralize the spiciness. I felt a little guilty because I told her it was clam. Otherwise she would have refused to eat.

So someday, when she reads this recipe post… “Sorry to lie to you, darling! It was not what you thought it was. But remember! — you liked it.”

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Spicy Korean Snail Salad is served with cold vermicelli noodles.
Spicy Korean style sea snail salad is made with canned sea snail and vegetables. Serve with cold vermicelli noodles.

Spicy Korean Snail Salad with Vermicelli Noodles

Delicious spicy Korean style sea snail salad is made with canned sea snail and vegetables. Serve with cold vermicelli noodles.
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  • Drain the sea snails (golbangyi) and reserve 1 tablespoon of juice. Rinse the sea snails and cut in half if the pieces are too big.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine cabbage, onion, carrots, cucumber, and the sea snail. Set aside.
  • In a small mixing bowl, combine garlic, chili paste, chili flakes, vinegar, sugar, plum extract (if you don't it, add reserved sea snail juice), and sesame seeds. Mix them well to make the sauce.
  • Drizzle the sauce over to the sea snail and vegetable mixture and toss well. Chill in the fridge while you are getting the noodles ready.
  • Cook the noodles in a package direction or boil in the water for 3-4 minutes. Rinse the noodles in the cold running water and drain well.
  • Place sea snail salad with cold wheat noodles on the side. Garnish with green onion. Toss well before you serve.
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