Check out these soul comforting authentic Korean stew recipes, such as Doenjang Jjigae, Yukgaejang, dakdoritang and many more, in one place. Create these delicious Korean stews in your own kitchen and share with your loved ones.

A collection of best Korean stew recipes are compiled together.

Is the weather outside chilling? How about a nice warm bowl of Korean stew?

I have posted numerous Korean stew recipes over the few years and most of them were well loved by many of my blog readers. So here are the top Korean stews that are most popular in my website.

If you are craving for something with full of flavor and soul-satisfying, look no further. From Korean chicken stew (dakdoritang) to spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukgaejang), these stews are truly delicious.

Most of them are easy to make and they will keep you warm your body and soul. And you will become a master of authentic Korean stews.

Best Korean stew recipes

Hot boiling doenjang jjigae in a stone pot is a served with rice and kimchi

Classic Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew)

This homemade doenjang jjigae recipe uses Korean soybean paste to create a deeply flavorful stew accented with tofu and fresh vegetables. It’s easy to prepare, and ready in 25 minutes or less.
A pot of kimchi jjigae made with pork and tofu is served with rice and roasted seaweed.

Pork Kimchi Jjigae (Classic Korean Kimchi Stew)

Kimchi jjigae is a Korean stew made with aged kimchi, pork belly, and tofu. This easy recipe offers classic Korean comfort with simple steps.
A pan filled with spicy Korean chicken stew with vegetables.

Dakdoritang (Korean Spicy Chicken Stew)

Dakdoritang is a hearty Korean spicy chicken stew known for its robust blend of spices. It offers tender, braised chicken, carrots, and potatoes in a thick, red sauce. Two cooking methods are introduced: stove top and pressure cooking.
A bowl of yukgaejang is placed on a yellow napkin and served with rice and Korean utensils.

Korean Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup (Yukgaejang)

This authentic homemade recipe for Yukgaejang (spicy Korean beef vegetable soup) is deeply flavorful and comforting. I’ve included step-by-step photos and my top tips for making this satisfyingly spicy beef stew at home in your own kitchen.
Korean army stew (Budae Jjigae)

Budae Jjigae: Ultimate Korean Army Stew

Budae Jjigae is Korean army stew with a fusion twist. Made with Spam, kimchi, and ramen, this iconic dish is perfect for communal dining. Learn the rich history and flavors of this Korean-American fusion dish, and follow this step-by-step recipe for a hearty meal.

A pot of kimchi jjim is showing braised kimchi and pork ribs inside.

Kimchi Jjim (Braised Kimchi and Pork ribs)

Kimchi jjim, also known as braised kimchi, is a beloved Korean dish that features aged kimchi braised with pork ribs in a flavorful sauce.

spicy pork and zucchini stew is served with a spoon

Gochujang Jjigae (Spicy Zucchini Stew)

Gochujang jjigae is packed with robust flavor. This popular Korean stew is made with summer zucchini (or squash) and pork. It's on the spicy side but not overly so.
Korean soondubu jjigae with clam and shrimp is served with rice

Korean Tofu Stew (Sundubu Jjigae)

Sundubu jjigae is a velvety Korean tofu stew made with soft silken tofu, deep umami taste, and spicy stew. Add your favorite seafood to customize the dish.

And there you have it – best Korean stew recipes that you can enjoy with your loved ones! I hope this recipes brought some inspiration for your Korean cooking adventure. If you have tried any of these recipes, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Pinterest. Love to see your creation!

A collection of best Korean stew recipes are compiled together.

Best Korean Stew Recipes: Korean Spicy Pork Stew with Zucchini

This Korean spicy pork and zucchini stew is a popular dish from Jeolla province in Korea. Korean chili paste and chili flakes make this stew extra spicy but not overly.
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  • In a small bowl combine Korean chili paste, chili flakes, Korean soup soy sauce; mix well. Add the pork belly slices and toss with seasoning paste.
  • Heat oil in a small pot over medium heat. Add the seasoned pork belly and saute for 1 minute. Add the water and onion (water should barely cover everything in a port), and bring it to boil. Lower the heat a little and continue to cook until the onion is soft.
  • Add the zucchini sticks, garlic, and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes or until the zucchinis are almost tender.
  • Season with anchovy sauce to your desired taste. Add the jalopeño and green onion and let it mingle for 1 minute. Remove the stew from heat and serve hot with rice.
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