Clear Korean corn syrup and brown oligo syrup are presented together

Sweet syrup is often used in Korean dishes where it needs subtle sweetness and lust. There are three common types of Korean syrups that you will often find in the stores.

  1. Corn syrup (mul-yeot, 물엿) is made from corn and widely used in Korean cuisine as a mild sweetener. It has high content of maltose to provide texture and enhance sweet taste of your dishes without altering the taste.  The clear translucency gives a shiny look on the dish.
  2. Rice syrup, (ssal- jocheong, 쌀조청 or jocheong, 조청), is made with rice and barley malt powder. It has thicker consistency than corn syrup and has a malty and rich flavor, which makes prominent flavor than corn syrup or sugar. You can substitute with sugar or honey, but they sweeter. Jocheong syrup hardens the food cooked in the dish fast after heat is cooled down.
  3. Oligo syrup (올리고당), also known as oligosaccharide, is another version of  rice syrup that often replace the corn syrup in the recipe. Although olige syrup is made with 100% rice just like jocheong, but oligo syup has more  complex sugar structure than jocheong rice syrup. Jocheong tends to have a higher in calories and absolved into body quickly. Oligo syrsup is slow in absorption and less sweet (less calories).

How to store Korean corn syrup and rice syrup

Korean syrups don’t need to be refrigerated. Once opened, keep them in a dark pantry for up to one year. Similar to honey, these syrups tends to crystallize in the jar. If that happens, place the container in warm water to dissolve the crystals.