Korean pancake mix and frying mix packages are shown together

Korean pancake mix (buchimgaru, 부침가루)

Commercially made Korean pancake mix (buchimgaru, 부침가루) is a pantry staple in Korean kitchen. Buchimgaru is a mix of different types of flour, other seasonings, and baking powder to make your savory Korean pancakes more flavorful and gives a crispier texture.

It makes a variety of Korean pancakes such as haemul pajeon and kimchi jeon. To use, follow the package direction by mixing with water. Using ice cold water will bring more crispiness.

Korean frying mix (tuigimgaru, 튀김가루)

Korean Frying Mix is preseasoned flour mix for making Korean tempura-style crispy fried vegetable, prawns, chicken, and etc.  Many Korean deep-fried snacks (including gimmari) uses frying mix to create crispy delicious finger food. It is similar to Japanese tempura but the seasoning and texture are slightly little different.

Chicken frying mix (chicken tuigimgaru, 치킨 튀김가루)

Chicken frying mix is a spin-off version of frying mix formulated for making fried chicken. The mix has combination of flour, corn, starch, and other seasonings to make the chicken crunchy when deep fried.

How to store Korean flour mix

Once opened, seal the package tightly and store in a dark cool place avoiding the direct sunlight.