La Boca at Buenos Aires in Argentina

Ola, Buen a!  ¿Cómo estás?

Yes, I need to speak Spanish badly – seriously, desperately for my survival. I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I moved to Buenos Aires about 3 weeks ago and I feel like a lost soul ever since. Who would have thought that I would have a chance to live in South America? Without being able to speak much Spanish, my life in Buenos Aires is not as easy as I hoped for so far. Things are quite different than I used to, but I believe it will get better as time goes on.

I am still waiting for my stuff to arrive, and who knows how long it will take?  I’ve been having a long break from cooking and blogging for the past month, and I am getting ready to re-energize myself and share my passion with everyone again. Meanwhile I will share some of the things I saw in the city of Buenos Aires last week. Hope you enjoy!

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

This place is called “La Recoleta Cemetery”.  The famous Eva Perón is buried inside. Remember the song, “Don’t cry for me Argentina! The truth is I never left you…”?

“Casa Roasada”- The Pink House! This is the executive mansion and office of the president of Argentina. Unlike the White House, the President of Argentina doesn’t live here and commute to his office by helicopter everyday according my tour guide.

Argentinians are quite artistic. You will see many wall murals like this in many places.

On the way to the famous La Boca.

Ahhh, the love birds!

Many charming restaurants…

Tango, Buenos Aires

And the Tango dance fever!

Tango, Buenos Aires

Another tango couple. Need to practice for the Dance with Star?  This is a good place.

I love their colorful artworks!

World cup, Argentina

There are two things that are famous in Argentina. One is soccer.

Yup, The World Cup soccer fever is heating up and you will see many people gather up and celebrate their victory every time Argentinian team is playing. You can’t ignore soccer here, folks!

The other famous thing in Argentina is BEEF!!! Oh, yes! they are really good. They also love their sausages, too.

Finish your hard day with Mate tea! This a sort of herbal tea that Argentinians drink all the time. I haven’t tried it yet. It doesn’t appeal to me that much but I better soon, so I can tell them I tried.

This little petite Korean lady is *no entiendo castellano mucho* (not understanding Spanish much) these days. But I pray that my 2 years in this foreign country will be full of exciting adventures in both culinary and cultural exposure.

Hope you are soaking up the warmest summer sun if you are in Northern hemisphere. I am in the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, but it isn’t too bad. I’m just having two winters in a row this year. That’s all!