Leftover Rice Recipe

Rice Balls

Rice Balls


These colorful rice balls are a great leftover rice recipe with any vegetables you have on hand. Use short grain rice. Great for lunchboxes or finger food.

Use leftover rice

These rice balls use minced ham, baby spinach, and green onion. 

#1  Ham & Spinach Rice Balls

1. Use finely minced ham pieces, green onion, and chopped baby spinach. 2. Saute vegetables and combine with rice. 3. Form into small balls.

How to make Ham & Spinach Rice Balls

The hard boiled egg yolks stain the rice and turn them into beautiful yellow balls of joy.

#2 Egg & Pickled Radish Rice Balls

1. Mince pickled radish into small pieces. 2. Using a strainer and a spoon, mash the egg yolks to crumble. 3. Add seasoning, mix, and form.

How to make Egg & Pickled Rice Balls

The chewy and meaty texture of mushrooms makes these quite enjoyable. Any mushroom will work.

#3 Mushroom & Vegetable Rice Balls

1. Chop mushroom and vegetables finely. 2. Saute mushroom and vegetables with seasonings. 3. Combine with rice and form.

How to make  Mushroom & vegetable Rice Balls

Rice Balls 



8 people

30 minutes



Appetizer, Lunch



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(Leftover Rice Recipe)

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