Beef Bulgogi

Classic Korean BBQ Beef

Authentic  Korean Recipe

By Beyond Kimchee


1/2 Asian pear 1/2 kiwi 1/2 onion 4 garlic cloves 5 tbsp soy sauce  1 tbsp Korean soup soy sauce 2 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp sweet rice wine 2 tsp pepper 1 tbsp sesame oil

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Step 1

Puree fruits & vegetables: put pear, kiwi, onion, and garlic in a blender and process until very smooth.

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Step 2

Bulgogi sauce: Pour the onion/fruit puree into a large shallow pan. Add the rest of sauce ingredients; mix well.

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Step 3

Dab the thin bulgogi beef slices with a paper towel to remove extra myoglobin from the surface.

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Step 4

Add beef to the marinade sauce. Toss gently by hand to combine everything with a slight massaging motion. Cover and marinate for at least 1 hour or up to overnight.

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Step 5

Heat a skillet very hot over high heat. Do not add any oil! Add the beef and green onion. You can also add thinly sliced carrot, or pepper if you want it to be more wholesome.

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Step 6

Let the meat cook in its own juice. Toss the meat around to cook evenly and thoroughly, about 2-3 minutes.

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Serve beef bulgogi warm with rice and a vegetable side dish of your choice.

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Beef Bulgogi


8 people


Main dish


20 min + 4 hr marinating



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Authentic Korean Recipe

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