This easy Vietnamese chicken salad is made with shredded chicken breast, cabbage, herbs, and roasted peanuts, then drizzled with sweet and salty fish sauce dressing.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

chicken breast shredded cabbage carrot red onion fresh herbs roasted peanut fried shallot


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Fish Sauce Dressing:

palm sugar

boiling water


fish sauce

rice vinegar

lime juice

red chili

Poach chicken breasts with ginger slices in a simmering water for 5 min. Turn off the heat. Leave chicken for 20 minutes with a lid on.

Poach Chicken Breast

Shred Chicken Breast

Cool poached chicken breast and shred it into small bite size pieces; set aside.

Shred green cabbage finely with a vegetable peeler (or shredder) and set aside.

Shred Cabbage

Soak shredded cabbage, carrot, and onion in cold water for 10-15 min, then drain. The cold water will crisp up the vegetables and keep them fresh.

Soak Vegetables

Mix the garlic, chili, fish sauce, vinegar, palm sugar (or brown sugar) and lime juice; stir well.

Make Fish Sauce Dressing

Combine shredded chicken, salad vegetables, and herbs in a large mixing bowl. Pour a desired amount of dressing to the salad and toss well. 

Toss Salad

Garnish salad with chopped peanuts and crisp-fried shallots (if using) and serve immediately. 


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Vietnamese Chicken Salad


4-6 people




45 minutes




(Ga Xe Phay)

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