Bossam Recipe

Korean Pork Belly Wrap



A thick cut of pork belly is boiled in low moisture until tender and moist. Then wrap with a cabbage leaf,  a variety of side dishes –  spicy radish salad, garlic, salted shrimp , fresh chili, and wrap sauce. 

What is Bossam?

Preparing Cabbage

To wilt the cabbage slightly, sprinkle salt over the cabbage and let it soak for 50 minutes

Boiling Pork Belly

Season pork belly and place it on top of aromatic and savory ingredients. Cook in low moisture for 40 minutes.

Spicy Radish Salad

Wilt radish slices in corn syrup and salt to remove excess water. Toss them in salad seasoning. 

Make Homemade Wrap Sauce  (Ssamjang)

Combine Korean soybean paste, Korean chili paste, garlic, Korean plum extract (optional), and sesame oil. Mix well and chill until ready to serve.

Put pork slices and side dishes on a platter. Serve with salted shrimp, raw garlic slices, and chili slices in small containers near the platter.

Arrange on a platter

Place a piece of pork belly on cabbage leaf or lettuce.  Dot with wrap sauce, salted shrimp, raw garlic, green chili. Wrap and serve.  You can also use a piece of cabbage kimchi to wrap a pork. 

Different ways to serve

Best Bossam Recipe 



8 people

55 minutes



Main dish 



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(Korean Pork Belly Wraps)

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