LA Style Sweet Rice Cake Bars

LA style sweet rice cakes

Baked goodies with NO gluten and NO butter or oil... Would it be possible? Yes. I want you to try these sweet rice cake bars. They originated from the Koreans living in Los Angeles, California many years ago. Their craving of traditional Korean rice cakes, which sometimes is hard to achieve in a home kitchen, turned this bars more like 'east meets west' version of rice cakes. ...

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Apple Brownies, another easy apple dessert


  Chocolate is not the only dude that can turn into brownies. Apples can, too. I was invited to a friend's BBQ party, but forgot to think of what to take with. I urgently needed quick and easy dessert to make with things I already have in my kitchen, so that I don't have to run to the grocery store in the famous afternoon KL traffic. I looked into my fridge and found some apples, I always have walnuts in the freezer... Aha! the light bulb in my brain just got turned on; 'I am ...

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Korean Beef & Nut Patties, the Dduk-Galbi will drive you nuts!


Aren't you feeling beef tonight? I do. And when I crave beef, I crave Korean beef such as Galbi, or Bulgogi. I do love them a lot, especially grilled in charcoal. Today I want to show you a slight different way of enjoying Korean beef. It is called Dduk Galbi(떡갈비) but different than Galbi. This is a quite popular among Koreans and there are many restaurants specializing this dish. Authentically they take the meat from the rib and mince them, then add marinade to the meat and attach back to ...

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