Kimchi Tofu Dumplings, Our New Year Tradition


  If you come to my house, you will find at least one or two packages of frozen dumplings stored in my freezer any time of the year. I purchase them from the grocery stores, of course. But during the New Year, I like to make home-made dumplings with my family. It is a fun activity that you can do with anyone - young or old, and you can store them in the freezer for later use if you can't finish them all at once. Koreans love dumplings. We steam them, pan-fry them, deep-fry them, ...

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Japchae Salad, modern twist with Korean chili vinaigrette

Japchae Salad

  I still remember the nervousness I felt when I posted my first recipe. It was the Japchae, the famous Korean noodles. Miraculously people have been finding my blog ever since, in search of good Korean food recipe, and my original attempt of making this blog into personal recipe collection for my children has come this far. Thanks to all of you for the support and the encouragement. I love Japcahe but making it can be quite daunting with all the work involved in each ...

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Bulgogi Hotpot, your satisfaction

  So, I got a plastic surgery over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I mean not on my face but on my blog.  :-) Nip here and tuck there, the appearance has dramatically changed but the inner spirit remains the same. Excited to celebrate a new day in blogging, this is the recipe I chose. Are you tired of leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Craving for four legged animal again instead of bird? But want something easy and comforting, like a bowl of soup, in these cold weather ...

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Mushroom Asparagus Japchae, the upgraded version

Asparagus Japchae

My very first recipe posting on this blog was Japchae, the famous Korean noodle dish. Sweet potato noodles with mixed vegetables and beef mingled in soy sauce. It is the traditional food of Korea.  Today I would like to introduce the 21st century upgraded version of this Korean traditional dish. Japchae with assorted mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers, and Asian chives! Do you know that mushrooms are so good for us? They say the ancient Egyptian believed that mushrooms bring immortality and ...

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Japchae, the famous Korean noodle dish


  Okay, I am nervous right now. This is my very first blog posting and I don't think anybody will find this or read this posting but why am I still nervous? Would you allow me to go and grab plateful of Japchae and I will continue to write this down as I am eating....? Japchae (잡채) is perhaps the most famous Korean noodle dish. It is a must for any banquet or feast table. You can eat this dish alone or with some rice. This can be a great vegetarian dish as well if yo omit the ...

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