Rice Cake Skewers, Tteok Kkochi (떡꼬치)

Rice Cake Skewers

Living in the southern hemisphere, the continent furthest from Korea, I'm constantly missing Korean food that I can't find here, especially the food from street vendors. If you live in Korea or are visiting Korea for business or vacation, please enjoy the great goodies that you can easily find on any major shopping streets. Do it for me! Around this time you will find many sweet pancakes, roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts, and different types of rice cakes and fish cake soups. These are ...

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Easy Rice Cake Soup, Miryang style Tteok-gook

Easy Rice Cake Soup

If you are a Korean or familiar with Korean culture, you will know that Koreans enjoy rice cake soup for a New Year's day.  The whiteness of rice cakes symbolizes the bright new beginning and the elongated log-like shape of the cake (tteok garae-떡가래) represents the upcoming prosperity of the New Year. Having a bowl of rice cake soup also means you are gaining one more year of wisdom and the life experience. ...

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Dak Galbi, spicy chicken and rice cakes of Chuncheon

spicy Korean chicken-galbi

There are two things in life that are almost impossible to bring back to their original status. One; the soggy noodles in the soup Two; a boyfriend who left you for another girl. Some food brings memories. My friend got really mad at me when I told her this Philosophy of physical changes in life. She was mad at me because...., I compared her romance to the noodles. ...

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Pan Fried Rice Cakes, do you dare a devil?


  I am a rice cake lover. Yes, I know.... It is white food. But I eat small portion and enjoy every bite of them, and go for a walk, sometimes, to remove the guilt out of my belly. Anyway... One of the first thing I do in the morning is to check Korean newspaper via online, usually after CNN.com or FoxNews.com -- Good thing that I speak two languages. Although neither of them I speak perfectly... ...

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Spicy Korean Rice Cakes(떡볶이), the street food of 50million Koreans


  Everyone has their own childhood food cravings. It is the food they grow up with and it reminds you the memories of the past as you eat them. I grow up eating lots..., I mean lots of this dish. This is one of my favorite snacks when I was a teenager (I have lots of other favorites, too). This dish is called Ddukppoki (떡볶이), the spicy Korean rice cakes. As a teenage girl in middle/high school(I attended girls only school, no boys there except teachers), I had to wear school uniforms, ...

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