Perilla Leaves Dumplings with Pork

Perilla Leaves Dumplings

You will provably know by now that how much I love Perilla leaves. They are fragrant Korean herb and used in many Korean dishes. I found some fresh Perilla leaves at Korean store last time I went. It has been over 2 weeks since and the leaves are still fresh and crisp, so I made a very simple dish to enjoy for a beautiful spring day in Argentina! This is Pan fried Perilla leaves filled with pork and vegetables.  It is called Kketnip Jeon (깻잎전) in Korea. I will call it "Perilla Leaves ...

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Quick Steamed Perilla Leaves (깻잎찜)

Quick Steamed Perilla Leaves

I can never get enough of Perilla leaves, the fragrant Korean herb. They can be eaten raw in salad or wrap, or made into kimchi to enjoy as a fermented food. Some love to pickle them or quickly steam them to enjoy as a side dish. I have showed you how to make Perilla Kimchi with these gorgeous leaves. The fragrance of the leaves matched with pungent flavor of kimchi is something that anyone who enjoys Korean food will love to indulge with a bowl of hot rice. ...

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Perilla Leaf Kimchi, the summer Kkatnip Kimchi

Perilla Leaf Kimchi

If you like Korean Kimchi and want to expand your taste bud for a new experience, try this Kkatnip Kimchi (깻잎김치). It is made with Perilla leaves. Perilla Leaf Kimchi is commonly eaten in the summer time everywhere in Korea, OR anywhere Koreans dwell. Nowadays, you can find these precious Perilla leaves in most Korean grocery stores during summer. I bet Mr. Kim and Mrs. Lee in your neighborhood, or maybe Dr. Choi, your friendly dentist, might have this Kkatnip Kimchi on their dinner table ...

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Dak Galbi, spicy chicken and rice cakes of Chuncheon

spicy Korean chicken-galbi

There are two things in life that are almost impossible to bring back to their original status. One; the soggy noodles in the soup Two; a boyfriend who left you for another girl. Some food brings memories. My friend got really mad at me when I told her this Philosophy of physical changes in life. She was mad at me because...., I compared her romance to the noodles. ...

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