Soy Braised Onion


This Soy Braised Onion was one of my childhood favorite side dishes.  My mother often made it whenever she had too much onions in the kitchen. You will only need onions, soy sauce and olive oil. I added a little Korean style corn syrup and sesame seeds for extra lust and nuttiness, but you can omit them.  It is extremely simple to make and delicious to top a bowl of rice. Perfectly vegetarian and vegan worthy. ...

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Korean Beef Rice Bowl, the quick version

Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Have you ever felt like crying without a reason? It must be a women thing. I used to watch the TV show called "Everybody loves Raymond".  In one episode, Ray saw his wife, Debora, crying alone in the house.  He wanted to find out what troubles her and ease her burden, but only to learn that there was no particular reason in Debora's sobbing.  She just wanted to let her emotions out.  Ray couldn't understand.  At the end of the show Ray found himself alone in the house.  He wanted to ...

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Easy Spicy Korean Pork for Dummies

spicy Korean pork

I bet I am one of the rare Korean who sucked on "Math" at school. I don't do well with numbers. Seeing unorganized numbers used to give me headaches and I am still mad at why cell phone numbers has to be 10 digits. However, when my 7th grade daughter asked a math homework question (the algebra!) I was sure I wasn't that dumb. 'I am smarter than 7th graders for sure'. Yes, I got the answer right, ...very quickly in fact. I began to think that I might LOVE algebra... The beauty of arrays of ...

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