Chicken and Rice Casserole


We had quite a bit of snow this past few days. Schools were closed and kids were home. Even my husband was home due to the bad weather. When the weather goes bad, and eating out is not an option, I need to come-up with something to feed hungry people in my family. They could easily fix their own ham and cheese sandwich, but returning home with frozen body after playing hard in the snow outside, I feel like I better feed them something more soothing and satisfying. What a thoughtful mother and ...

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Mushroom Rice Bowl with Meat Sauce

Mushroom Rice Bowl

버섯덮밥 [ busut dupbap ] When my daughter was about 5 years old, she suddenly refused to eat mushrooms. I blame it all to my husband for calling them "fungus" over a dinner table one day. "Look what we got. Fungus for dinner!" I was serving some mushrooms on the side.  He was not (and still is not) a mushroom guy. Ever since then my daughter tattooed the idea 'mushroom = fungus = gross' in her brain for the next 7 years. ...

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Tom Yum Goong, the Thai style hot and sour soup

Tom Yum Gung

It is raining like dogs and cats outside. (...for being a non-native English speaker, I never understand what dogs and cats have to do with rain) I have a bowl of warm mouthwatering soup in my hands and trying to think what I can write about today's post. I am thinking.......  still thinking....... ......? ...

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Beef Doenjang Jjigae, Korean soy bean paste stew with beef

Beef Doenjang Jjigae

  A good friend of mine gave me a jar of very precious gift. It was a jar of homemade Korean soybean paste; the doenjang! It's been a while since I had the homemade doenjang in my kitchen. I was so thrilled. I learned that the doenjang she gave me was made in a Buddhist temple in Korea where her mother often goes to. Doenjang made in Buddhist temple was considered as one of the best kind. ...

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Korean Beef Rice Bowl, the quick version

Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Have you ever felt like crying without a reason? It must be a women thing. I used to watch the TV show called "Everybody loves Raymond".  In one episode, Ray saw his wife, Debora, crying alone in the house.  He wanted to find out what troubles her and ease her burden, but only to learn that there was no particular reason in Debora's sobbing.  She just wanted to let her emotions out.  Ray couldn't understand.  At the end of the show Ray found himself alone in the house.  He wanted to ...

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Yangzhou Style Fried Rice, and trip to Yangshuo

Man with Mao Suit

  "Oh my! Look what I got?" To my surprise, I found these gorgeous royal blue rice bowls hidden in a box that I abandoned in the storage. I totally forgot about these beautiful bowls for a few years. The memory started to flow and I remembered that I got them somewhere near Yangzhou Yangshuo, China. ...

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Bibimbap, fit for a king or a farmer?


  What can I say more about Bibimbap? It is one of the most well known Korean dish, and I never met anyone yet who doesn't like it. I know I should zip up my lips and go straight to the tutorials, but I gotta put my personal opinion on this dish. I don't like chunks of meat added in my Bibimbap. I am not a vegetarian nor a rabbit but I like my Bibimbap to be herbivore worthy, except a tiny bit of ground beef melted in then Chili Bibim Sauce I posted just a few days ago. Nobody is exactly sure ...

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Bulgogi Hotpot, your satisfaction

  So, I got a plastic surgery over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I mean not on my face but on my blog.  :-) Nip here and tuck there, the appearance has dramatically changed but the inner spirit remains the same. Excited to celebrate a new day in blogging, this is the recipe I chose. Are you tired of leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Craving for four legged animal again instead of bird? But want something easy and comforting, like a bowl of soup, in these cold weather ...

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Mushroom Asparagus Japchae, the upgraded version

Asparagus Japchae

My very first recipe posting on this blog was Japchae, the famous Korean noodle dish. Sweet potato noodles with mixed vegetables and beef mingled in soy sauce. It is the traditional food of Korea.  Today I would like to introduce the 21st century upgraded version of this Korean traditional dish. Japchae with assorted mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers, and Asian chives! Do you know that mushrooms are so good for us? They say the ancient Egyptian believed that mushrooms bring immortality and ...

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