Strawberry Kiwi Tiramisu, without the alcohol

Strawberry Kiwi Tiramisu

Christmas is just around the corner and my kids are excited. I have been busy making cookies, cakes, and all sorts of finger foods under the heaven for parties I held in my home or at friend's. One dessert I made that stand out has to be this strawberry kiwi tiramisu. The red and green color combination of strawberries and kiwis offers a Christmas-worthy presentation. You can use strawberries only or mix with other fruits like blueberries or raspberries. They will all look gorgeous on a ...

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Pavlova with Kiwi and Passion Fruit


The very first time I had a piece of Pavlova was about 10 years ago when I lived in Singapore. It was the "love at first sight" experience. I would say "Delightful" was the exact word that I could describe when I had the first bite. Without knowing much of its history behind, I was quite confused where Pavlova was originated. I heard from both Australian and New Zealander. And I, soon, learned that you don't talk about the origination of Pavlova when the both nationalities present at the ...

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