Mexican Fish, the Rodrigo-style fish

Mexican Fish

My family loves Mexican food. I wish I can find a decent Mexican restaurant in our neighborhoods but there isn't much to choose from. So that puts me into thinking that I should cook our family favorite Mexican food at home to satisfy our cravings. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find the Mexican groceries here in Argentina. There is a pescaderia (fish market) that I go often to buy fresh seafood in San Isidro near I live. I found the fish below that looked similar to Tilapia. The ...

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Broiled Red Snapper with Korean Chili Sauce

Red Snapper with Korean Chili Sauce

I am a fish lover. I grew up with them and adore them. However, I married to a guy who grew up in the valley of Rocky mountain, and whose memory of good seafood as child was one of those frozen fish sticks which he seldom got. I think he freaked out when he saw me eating the tiny whole anchovies (including head and tail) when we were dating. No wonder he hesitated kissing me at the beginning of our relationship..., LOL!!! Well, seafood is not his thing. Therefore I don't get to cook ...

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Ssambap, the Korean rice wrap with assorted lettuce and leaves

Ssambap, the Korean rice wrap with lettuce

One of the fond memories of my childhood is having dinner with my family sitting on the outdoor table called "pyoungsang", a large square low table that stands in the middle of courtyard of the house for people to sit on. It is unique to Korean culture that is easily found in the countryside. Everyday we had our dinner sitting on this Pyoungsang during the summer season. My mother often prepared this delicious Ssambap (rice wrap with assorted lettuce and leaves) and made the fish topping ...

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Gogalbi, not your ordinary galbi


   I am a southern gal and I have to admit that I really love southern style Korean food. If you ever visit Busan of South Korea, there is a district called Nampo-dong; very famous for their seafood street vendors and restaurants. You will smell smoky grilled fishes and other sea creatures on every little ally; Fun hang-out place with friends. ...

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Broiled Yellow Croaker, worry about the fish smell?


  "Mommy, why is this fish's mouth is so wide open?" That was the question of my son, the toothless, asked when he saw these broiled fish on the dinner table. "Well, because he is screaming to tell me that the oven was too hot for him" That was the answer I could come up with. LOL! :D I literally grow up eating fish pretty much on the daily bases. My parents loved fish, or anything that grows under the water. It has to be fresh, mostly alive when they buy them. The other day I ...

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