Chungmu Kimbap, the famous seaweed rice rolls from my hometown

Chungmu Kimbap

Today's recipe is very special one for me. Because this is the famous Chungmu Kimbap (충무김밥) from my hometown. Most foreigners who enjoy Korean food provably tried Kimbap, the seaweed rice rolls stuffed with various vegetables. I bet not many of them have tried or even heard of "Chungmu Kimbap" though. Chungmu Kimbap is popular seaweed rice rolls among local Koreans. There are many franchise restaurants in Korea that specialize this particular kimbap. ...

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Spicy Korean Rice Cakes(떡볶이), the street food of 50million Koreans


  Everyone has their own childhood food cravings. It is the food they grow up with and it reminds you the memories of the past as you eat them. I grow up eating lots..., I mean lots of this dish. This is one of my favorite snacks when I was a teenager (I have lots of other favorites, too). This dish is called Ddukppoki (떡볶이), the spicy Korean rice cakes. As a teenage girl in middle/high school(I attended girls only school, no boys there except teachers), I had to wear school uniforms, ...

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