Vegetables in Coconut Milk, Sayur Lemak

sayur lemk

I often think of the past 3 years in Hong Kong where I used to live. Hong Kong remains dearly in my heart. The busy hustling Causeway bay, beautiful repulse bay beach, riding old trams with locals, gorgeous HK view from the peak, Stanley market, restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai Market, fancy designer shops, the quiet New Territory, many surrounding islands, and the food... Boy! It is so easy to indulge in food when you are in HK. I miss them and I crave them all. I have met so many ...

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Beef with Eggplant, This is not a stir-fry!


Korean foods are well known for its healthiness. It is not only because we do eat lots of vegetables with meal but also the cooking method we use to prepare the dish. Stir-fry is perhaps one of the most popular cooking method in any Asian cuisine (of course Koreans do use that method in various dishes) but it is not the most common or popular way in Korean cooking to be honest with you. "Muchim (무침)" is a skill to master in order to understand the Korean cooking. Muchim involves some ...

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Thai Red Chicken Curry, Sawadtee Kaa!


Sawadtee Kaa! As much as I love Korean food I love Thai food, too. I have been to Thailand many times over the years and I always enjoyed their cuisines. I love their beautiful tropical beaches, temples, people, and their smiles. It is sad to see their political turmoils which is on going in Thailand these days. But sometimes these turmoil is unavoidable in order to obtain the democracy and the reformation the country needs. I just hope that it won't cost too much of its people's lives. Going ...

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