Radish with Clams


Koreans love eating radishes. We often turn this nutrition packed root vegetable into salad and kimchi. We throw some in the soups and stews, too. We even dry the radish and make something delicious with it. Today I am going to share a very simple side dish called "Moo Namool, 무나물", but with a twist. Traditionally Moo Namool has only one main ingredient; the radish of course. But I am going to add canned clams to make the dish more exciting. ...

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Korean Soft Tofu Clam Stew, bring out the innocence in you

Have you ever tried to run away from your home when you were a kid? I think I did once, but only lasted less than 1 hour. I was 7 or 8 years old, I think. I was mad at my mom and my sisters for some reason. I only went about 3 blocks, got scared, and went back home. I don't think my mom ever noticed that I was gone. I went to Norman Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge last weekend. Stockbridge is a beautiful town in west end part of Massachusetts. I understand why Mr. Rockwell loved that ...

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