Kimchi Gratin or Kimchi Casserole???

Kimchi Casserole

  I liked the movie, "Julie vs Julia". It is a true story about a woman named of Julie challenged all the recipes of Julia Child's first book in one year and blogged the process. My blue eyed husband suggested that I should challenge making different types of Kimchi everyday for one year and blog about it. I still don't know if he was serious or joking. Well, for his sake, I am not making Kimchi everyday nor every week. But..,  I can come up with 365 Kimchi ideas though. ...

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Kimcheese Rice Patties, Kimchee + Cheese = ^.^

When Kimchee meet cheese, it is heaven on earth. I call it Kimcheese. As you know they both are fermented food, one is from cabbage and the other from milk of cow, goat, and/or sheep. I don't think Mr. Cow ever eats cabbages but perhaps he wouldn't mind having a blind date with Ms. Cabbage in the rice park. Kaboom! You won't believe how divinely delicious they are together. My brilliant inspiration of putting these two fermented god and goddess together came from the Italian risotto ball I ...

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