Spicy Korean Chicken Stew, Dakdoritang

Spicy Korean Chicken Stew

I have a little brother back in Korea. He is happily married to a beautiful wife and have two adorable girls.  When my brother got married, my mother was somewhat worried that her only son would be under nourished. Why? Because her only daughter-in-law was not much of a cook. To a some degree I have to admit that my mother was right. Until my sister-in-law married to my brother, she didn't have much experience in cooking. Her food at the beginning were either very bland or overly spiced. To ...

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Deep Fried Winter Vegetables, healthy or not?

Deep fried vegetables-FG

Every winter I miss one particular snack that I used to get as a child in Korea. Loaded with thinly sliced winter root vegetables, and coated with simple batter, then deep fried in hot oil..., this deep fried vegetables are perfect winter snack not only on the streets of Korea but in any household. My dilemma is that, can this be considered as healthy? ...

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