Sticky Date Pudding Cake


Several years ago, I visited England out of the blue. My sister lived in Oxford at the time and I found a deal of the century to fly to England for USD $280 from Hong Kong (I was living in HK). I was granted 10 days of vacation from my mother and wife duties. I booked the ticket and flew. We spent the 10 days together as sisters traveling to many lovely places in England. ...

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LA Style Sweet Rice Cake Bars

LA style sweet rice cakes

Baked goodies with NO gluten and NO butter or oil... Would it be possible? Yes. I want you to try these sweet rice cake bars. They originated from the Koreans living in Los Angeles, California many years ago. Their craving of traditional Korean rice cakes, which sometimes is hard to achieve in a home kitchen, turned this bars more like 'east meets west' version of rice cakes. ...

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Spice Cake with Caramel Frosting

Spic Cake with Caramel Icing

I have a fear. A fear, a hesitation, and a near trauma..., I am afraid of making CARAMEL FROSTING. I have tried numerous times perfecting this evil frosting but I don't think I had ever got it right. I always ended up with a bowl full of crumbly golden glob mess that didn't even stick to the cake. So frustrating... It was my husband's birthday this past Sunday and guess what his favorite cake to eat for his special B-day was? Yup, a spice cake with caramel frosting! ...

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Hotteok, the Korean sweet pancakes


There is something about rain that makes you crave greasy sweet food. It must be a global phenomenon thing... My American friends, Japanese friends, European friends, they all love to eat something sweet, something slightly greasy when there's water falling down from heaven. It's been raining every single day here and I finally decide to make some Hotteok, the Korean sweet pancakes. Besides I found a very special treasure the other day to make this sweet Goddess. ...

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