Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice, the perfect way to make it

Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice

Kimchi and Bacon...,  you can't go wrong. Especially if you throw them into fried rice. Yum! I have made Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice a long time ago and thought of updating the recipe.  I tweaked to bring out more flavor of kimchi and to enjoy the crisp texture of salty bacon. This would be perhaps the best kimchi bacon fried rice you might taste if I can dare to say that. So good.....! I won't say much about this recipe.  What can I say more? A head of well fermented ...

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Teriyaki Ranch Chicken Bake

teriyaki ranch baked chicken

What's for your dinner tonight? Perhaps..., chicken? Then, may I suggest this teriyaki ranch chicken bake recipe for you to try? If you have a bottled teriyaki sauce and a ranch dressing, a few strips of bacon, some cheddar cheese and green onions, you are all set to make this delicious chicken dinner in a very short time with hardly any effort. ...

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Rice Cakes in Cream Sauce, snow white forever episode 1


  There are times that I want something mild and creamy. Something..., if you allow me to say, "bland"? I like rice cakes. I make soups, stir fries, even deep fries with them. Typically Koreans make rice cakes with spicy chili paste but due to the recent fusion culinary trend in Korea, you can get quite creative with these guys. So I made this ultimate "stomach comfort" dish that can sooth your soul as well --- with cream sauce that you will love!!!Rice cakes are ...

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Kimchee Bacon Fried Rice, embarrassingly simple


  I am back! How are y'all doing? I guess I was gone longer than I intended. Were you patiently waiting for my return? :) I had a fabulous trip to Europe this summer but upon returning back to Hong Kong, we had to move back to U.S. Life itself is quite an adventure. My yearning of food blogging came back after 3 months of absence. I am happy to be back on blogging. Today's recipe is Kimchee bacon fried rice. Almost embarrassed to say it as recipe. It is very ...

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Rice balls, the redeeming grace of leftover rice

  Do you like rice? I do.  In fact I eat too much that my every new year's resolution of getting rid of that rice belly never seems to be possible.  Do you have lots of leftover rice in your fridge and you are thinking of getting rid of them? Please, don't. My mother used to say when I was a kid that each grain of rice is like each drop of farmer's sweat. They put their souls to harvest those precious grain and if you waste any, you are disgracing their job. So, eat your rice, ...

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