Easy Apple Tart or Galette

Christmas Party

8 days left until Christmas... Well, my favorite time of the year has hardly ever been relaxing. I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks; couple of Christmas parties I hosted at my home, a few cooking classes I had to teach, and getting the Christmas cards and shopping done before it gets too late...  But, I finally found some free time to be alone at home the other day and I was so loving it. ...

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Apple Brownies, another easy apple dessert


  Chocolate is not the only dude that can turn into brownies. Apples can, too. I was invited to a friend's BBQ party, but forgot to think of what to take with. I urgently needed quick and easy dessert to make with things I already have in my kitchen, so that I don't have to run to the grocery store in the famous afternoon KL traffic. I looked into my fridge and found some apples, I always have walnuts in the freezer... Aha! the light bulb in my brain just got turned on; 'I am ...

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Apple Strudel, in memory of Germany


I love Germany. I traveled central Europe this past summer for a month and I spend more time in Germany than other countries. I love the people, their schnitzels and sausages, their castles, and of course, their autobahn. People were generous and kind, the food was rustic, and there were soccer fever everywhere I went. My heart was with them whenever I heard the sound of the horn blowing in the valley. I wanted Germany to win for the World Cup. The only hardest part for me there was finding ...

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Apple Coleslaw, journey through the fall


It's October! Yeah! I just love fall season, even the smell of it. The pies, the hot ciders, the bread, and even my kimchee in the fridge... I picked tons of apples in the local orchard last weekend, I've been eating apples at least one everyday. Koreans believe eating an apple a day will make you look radiant(?), so someday I hope my face will be radiant like a laser beam...  I better start the conquest on my apples. So, this was what I made to compliment my Tonkatsu, the pork cutlet. Are ...

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Apple pear radish salad, what shape are you?


  A blonde was passing a fruit stand when she suddenly realized how hungry she was. "Give me a pear, please." said the bouncy blonde. "That will be fifty cents." said the clerk. She ate the pear, but was still hungry, so she ordered another. Still hungry after the second pear, she ordered an apple. After eating the apple she was finally full and wanted a drink, but found that she didn't have enough money left. "Darn it!" she said to herself, "If I had ordered the apple first I would still ...

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