Hello from Buenos Aires

La BocaOla, Buen a!  ¿Cómo estás?

Yes, I need to speak Spanish badly – seriously, desperately for my survival. I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I moved to Buenos Aires about 3 weeks ago and I feel like a lost soul ever since. Who would have thought that I would have a chance to live in South America? Without being able to speak much Spanish, my life in Buenos Aires is not as easy as I hoped for so far. Things are quite different than I used to, but I believe it will get better as time goes on.

I am still waiting for my stuff to arrive, and who knows how long it will take?  I’ve been having a long break from cooking and blogging for the past month, and I am getting ready to re-energize myself and share my passion with everyone again. Meanwhile I will share some of the things I saw in the city of Buenos Aires last week. Hope you enjoy!



La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos AiresThis place is called “La Recoleta Cemetery”.  The famous Eva Perón is buried inside. Remember the song, “Don’t cry for me Argentina! The truth is I never left you…”?


Buenos Aires“Casa Roasada”- The Pink House! This is the executive mansion and office of the president of Argentina. Unlike the White House, the President of Argentina doesn’t live here and commute to his office by helicopter everyday according my tour guide.


Buenos AiresArgentinians are quite artistic. You will see many wall murals like this in many places.


Buenos Aires

On the way to the famous La Boca.

La Boca, Buenos AiresAhhh, the love birds!


La Boca, Buenos AiresMany charming restaurants…


Tango, Buenos AiresAnd the Tango dance fever!


Tango, Buenos AiresAnother tango couple. Need to practice for the Dance with Star?  This is a good place.


BA scenes-10I love their colorful artworks!


World cup, ArgentinaThere are two things that are famous in Argentina. One is soccer.

Yup, The World Cup soccer fever is heating up and you will see many people gather up and celebrate their victory every time Argentinian team is playing. You can’t ignore soccer here, folks!


Buenos Aires The other famous thing in Argentina is BEEF!!! Oh, yes! they are really good. They also love their sausages, too.


Buenos Aires Finish your hard day with Mate tea! This a sort of herbal tea that Argentinians drink all the time. I haven’t tried it yet. It doesn’t appeal to me that much but I better soon, so I can tell them I tried.

This little petite Korean lady is *no entiendo castellano mucho* (not understanding Spanish much) these days. But I pray that my 2 years in this foreign country will be full of exciting adventures in both culinary and cultural exposure.

Hope you are soaking up the warmest summer sun if you are in Northern hemisphere. I am in the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, but it isn’t too bad. I’m just having two winters in a row this year. That’s all!   엉엉 회색동글이


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  1. 1

    Janet says

    Hello, Holly, I’m so curious about why / how you ended up in Buenos Aires….I and my family (Korean-Americans) just moved out of Argentina after living there over five years. If there’s anything I can offer to you in the way of information, guidance or experiential narrative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

    • 2


      Thanks Janet. That is so kind of you. I am still in odd how I ended up here but everything happens for a good reason, and I look forward a different kind of adventures. I will definitely ask for advice when I need some help. Thank you.

  2. 3

    Micol says

    Your photos are beautiful- you are surrounded by some amazing dreamy sights…
    I bet it’s so tough acclimatising to a completely new place, and without the comforts of your familiar things and tastes. I hope you can soon come to feel buenos aires is home- on your own terms, and incorporate the influences of it’s cooking in yours. That’s the magic of picking up great new lessons along the adventures in your life.
    Great to see you online again!!!
    Missed you…

    • 4


      Thanks Micol. You are so sweet. I can just see how caring person you are. I look forward to have a great two years in this beautiful country. I am enjoying some wonderful food already, too. The beef and ice cream are so good!

  3. 5


    Hi Holly!
    I am your fan even though I don’t often drop a message here, hope you understand hehe. I was surprised that you moved to Argentina after Malaysia *___* I hope you will adapt completely soon and I am sure that you will enjoy living there even for just two years. The photos are beautiful. It feels that the country is vibrant and preserves their culture well. I hope someday I can go there too^^

    • 6


      Hi Jessica
      I am surprised that I ended up in Buenos Aires, too. Quite different than Malaysia! Language barrier is the biggest challenge for me, but other than that, things are great. Lovely weather, some great food, and very energetic people. And of course, the soccer fever everywhere!

  4. 8

    Cindy V. says

    Wow Holly! What an adventure your life is turning out to be! Have fun in your new home, and stay warm! Wish I could share some of my Texas heat with you…

  5. 10

    Jeanne says

    Oh how exciting for you, Holly! Love these pictures of daily life and art in your new home city! Looking forward to hearing more of your newest adventures :-)

    Que tengas buena suerte!

  6. 12


    Looks like a colourful and interesting place. Hope you settle in soon and learn some of the language.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. 14

    Caroline says

    Wow, what a great new adventure! Lucky you! I am sure that you will make the most of it and have a great time. Can’t wait to read more about Buenos Aires and would love to see more pictures too if you can :)

    • 15


      Yes, I sometimes feel lucky to have an opportunity to live in this beautiful country. I will post updates whenever I can.

  8. 22


    Hi Holly,
    Those photos are so warm and peaceful. However I think you are quite excited for this new place. I love that beef sausage so much. Enjoying your new life in the wonderful place.

  9. 25

    Mirtha says

    awesome adventure! I can tell you for a fact that there are Koreans in Argentina. I don’t know where or how many, but I knew a Korean family (in Los Angeles) that came from Argentina. My Mom is a Korean from Mexico, and people are surprised when I tell them there is a Korean community in Mexico, so don’t be surprised if you find one in Argentina. Good luck in your new adventure, and thank you for sharing.

    • 26


      Hi Mirtha

      Yes, I heard that there are quite a number of Koreans living in Argentina. I recently have been to Korean grocery stores in BsAs and they are quite far from where I live. But it is good to know that there are Kroean stores. Yes, living in Argentina is quite an adventure for me.

  10. 27

    Malvina says

    Hi Holly,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I’m from Argentina, but I’m now living in Spain. I know language can be a barrier (I lived in Germany), but we Argies are very friendly people and you will soon make friends. We love cooking and trying new flavours, so your blog could be a great conversation starter (actually, we also love talking so you won’t need much help with that). Language schools are always looking for people coming from English-speaking countries for conversation lessons. Even if you are not interesting in earning money, they are a great way to meet new people. Well, I hope you enjoy living there and if you need any advise, just let me know.

    • 28


      Hi Malvina

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a month since I got here and things are getting better. I am taking Spanish class now and it is helping me greatly. I can tell that Argentine people are very friendly and kind. I think I will be enjoying this beautiful country a lot.

  11. 29

    butterfingers says

    Lucky you Holly, another country, another adventure. You have stayed in so many countries I think you can call the world your home!

    • 30


      Yes, I feel so blessed to be able to live in many countries. It does give challenges, though, but the positive outcome is greater. Thanks!

  12. 31

    Virginia G says

    Wow, Holly, congratulations! Argentina looks beautiful through the lens of your camera. I know I’m late in commenting, but I’m glad that you’re taking language classes. I learned Spanish in school, and now I’m learning Korean, and I can say that Spanish is much, much easier! You’ll be fluent in no time!

  13. 33

    kiss the cook says

    Wow, Holly, surprised to see, that you moved again. Did you get used to your new surroundings? I’m from Germany (did the Argentineans forgive us winning the World Cup? Sorry, but: YEAH!) and I used to do internships and lived in Milan for two months and Chicago for 6 months many years ago. I remember it as a suspenseful time learning something new every day. Nothing enriches your life like such an experience, although it must be difficult with the kids.
    Hope, you’ll fully adjust soon!

    • 34


      Yes, I think they are still mad at German. One of my husband’s co-worker is from US but he looks very German. He told us that whenever he goes to to bar with his friends, the locals were commenting him something slightly unkind that relates to soccer. But not severely, though. So he takes it as a joke.
      I have traveled Germany a few years ago and I LOVED that country. SO beautiful! and Loved the food, too!

      • 35

        kiss the cook says

        But our food is so bland and fatty compared to other countries. 😉 (Only half-joking here.)

        The cooking in Germany improved a lot during the last decades. The influence of Turkish, Greek and Italian cuisine is huge. Our foreign workers brought a lot of great stuff, like new vegetables (e.g. aubergine or zucchini) or spices (e.g. fresh garlic and chili), we then included into our diet. Before that Germans cooked high caloric food for heavy working people like farmers or miners like the common combination of meat (pork and beef), boiled potatoes and vegetables (cabbage, peas, carrots, etc.).
        Best thing we’ve got is asparagus though. Every year we yearn for the harvest to start and dread June 24, which is the last day to cut it.

  14. 36

    Gloria says

    Holly, hola. Quieres hablar español, pero todos te hablan ingles. Es una maravilla poder contactarse con tanta gente alrededor del mundo. A mi me gusta mucho la comida oriental. Así que hoy estoy,preparándole un.pollo a mi esposo. Somos del Caribe y vivo en EU. Un saludo y estoy a tus ordenes cuando quieras comunicarte en español . Glory

    • 37

      Gloria says

      Una buena forma de aprenser español es viendo mucho la televisión en español y leyendo aunque no entiendas mucho .

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