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There is a dish called Soojebi (수제비) in Korea. It is a humble soup-like dish made with simple flour dumplings. Some soojebi has chicken, some has sea food or kimchi along with potato and zucchini. The dumpling itself is made with plain flour, salt and water. Quite simple and humble.

I don't think I had soojebi that often when I was growing up in Korea. Mainly because...,  my father hated it. He hated it because he ate it so often and so much as he was growing up in the 40's and 50's when Korea was considered one of the poorest country in the world. Back then soojebi was one of the cheapest dish that people can afford to make to feed the hungry and starving family members. The soojebi he ate as he was growing up is not like this one on the photo. It was a humbly made soup with very little or hardly no protein in it.

Korean Chicken and Potato Dumpling

My father prohibited my mother to make soojebi. I guess he didn't want to recall his "always-hungry" childhood.

On top of that, my mother, who grew up in a wealthier family than my father's, didn't like soojebi that much either. Her excuse was that she didn't like the raw flour taste from the dumplings. I could understand why.

Korean Chicken and Potato Dumplings

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Beef and Cucumber Stir-Fry Mon, 11 May 2015 16:52:33 +0000

You might think it is weird to stir-fry cucumbers but the cucumber slices after the stir-frying still remains crunch and surprisingly tasty.

I made a simple beef and cucumber stir-fry the other day. I seasoned the thin beef slices with Korean flavored sauce, then stir-fried with cucumbers and some red chillies. In order to maintain the crunch texture of cucumber, toss with salt for a few minutes before you add to the stir-frying. That will extract some moisture out of cucumbers and help retain its crisp texture.
This beef and cucumber stir-fry will be a perfect simple meal for a warm day and it is very easy and quick to make.


Remove the cucumber seeds and slice thinly.

Beef and Cucumber Stir-Fry

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Green Onion Kimchi Wed, 06 May 2015 14:17:48 +0000

One of my favorite kimchi in spring days has to be the green onion kimchi. Yes, you can make kimchi with green onions aka scallions. This green onion kimchi is called Pa-kimchi (파김치) in Korea.

For some reason cabbage kimchi is not as tasty as it should be during warm season for me, mainly because cabbages taste better in cold weather.

Koreans look for different vegetable to make kimchi with during spring and summer. Cucumber kimchi, bean sprout kimchi, and perilla leaf kimchi are some of the few great choices among them.

Green Onion Kimchi

I planted some green onion seeds in my backyard in early spring, and before I knew it, I was able to harvest the tender petite green onion which is perfect to make kimchi with.

I would recommend to look for skinny green onions rather than the gigantic thick ones for this recipe. They are tender and yield sweet after taste.

So here it is.... the tutorial! Tada~~

Green Onion Kimchi

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Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice, the perfect way to make it Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:14:17 +0000

Kimchi and Bacon...,  you can't go wrong. Especially if you throw them into fried rice. Yum!

I have made Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice a long time ago and thought of updating the recipe.  I tweaked to bring out more flavor of kimchi and to enjoy the crisp texture of salty bacon. This would be perhaps the best kimchi bacon fried rice you might taste if I can dare to say that. So good.....!

Fermented Kimchi

I won't say much about this recipe.  What can I say more?

A head of well fermented cabbage kimchi...

Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice

... joined to salty crisp bacon! Gently spicy with mouthful of Korean flavor, it is my way of enjoying quick fried rice.

You make it with this recipe and give me a feedback. If you love it, let me know. I will give you a imaginary big fat kiss.   

Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice, the perfect way to make it

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Carrot Oat Bread Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:01:41 +0000

I like to bake a loaf of quick sweet bread to serve for breakfast or as an afternoon snack for my family. I like a recipe that is quick to put together with a satisfying result; not too sweet, mushy, dry, or greasy. And if it is considered somewhat healthy? That recipe would be sitting in the hall of fame recipe collection box of mine.

Banana bread is perhaps the most popular and common sweet bread that everyone on this planet bakes often, and I believe everyone has their best recipe for it. So I am not sharing the ever popular banana bread recipe although I have my favorite.

Instead, I would like to share with you the carrot oat bread recipe that my family likes. It is unbelievably moist and soft. The addition of rolled oats makes this bread wholesome and the bread stays moist for a couple of days (if it lasts that long). If you like walnuts and dried dates or raisins, adding them to this bread would make it more tasty. 

Carrot Oat BreadRolled Oats

Carrots are one of the cheapest vegetables (in terms of the price not the nutrition-wise) and oats are wholesome. So combining these two in a sweet bread is my kind of *the sweet meets the healthy* version of the low budget snack for my families with serious sweet teeth. Yup!

I don't think I need to explain every single step on this recipe like I would do on my Korean recipes. You will understand how easily they can be put together by just looking at the photos. You don't need a mixer. Just a mixing bowl, a whisk, and a spatula is all you need. Oh, a handful of sweet love is an optional addition!

Carrot Oat Bread

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Cabbage with Soybean Paste Tue, 21 Apr 2015 14:27:27 +0000

Korean soybean Paste (된장, doenjang) goes really well with cabbage or other type of leafy vegetables. They salty pungent flavor of fermented soybean is not for everyone, but once you are used to the flavor it quickly becomes your comfort flavor and you will crave for it. Koreans use this paste for not just in soups and stews, we use it in many salad type dishes as well.

Fermented soybean offers a lot of health benefits. If you like Korean food, I hope you try using doenjang more often in variety of dishes.

Spring Cabbage, 봄동

I found this tender green spring cabbage called Bomdong (봄동) and made a quick side dish to eat with rice. We call this cabbage with soybean paste Bomdong Namool (봄동 나물) and it is perfect vegetarian/vegan dish that you can enjoy.

Cabbage with Soybean Paste

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Spicy Pork and Squid Stir-Fry Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:28:01 +0000

Whoever thought of matching pork with squid in a same dish must be a brilliant cook. Here is one dish that you need to try if you like spicy Korean Pork or Stir-fried spicy squid. This is like a happily married couple of 4 legged land animal and 8 legged sea creature, who overcame all the obstacles from their background difference to bring their love into a victory.

Oh-Sam Bulgogi (오삼 불고기) is the name of the dish. This is quite a popular dish in recent years among many Koreans and I loved how lovely they go so well. There are different ways of making this lovely dish but the method I am sharing is one of my favorite. I got this idea from a Koran food TV show and adapted to bring the best result.



Slice the onion and carrot, and mice garlic and ginger.

Spicy Pork and Squid Stir-Fry

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Stay Connected to Family with HomeTeam™

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Grilled Fish with Soy Lime Chili Sauce Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:38:17 +0000

What fish do you think this is? Would you believe if I say this is an anchovy?

There is one fishmonger in my neighborhood where I go to buy fresh seafood. I found a fish which looked quite similar to mackerel. I asked the name and"Anchoa" was the answer I got. Since my memory in Spanish is quite limited, I had to ask him to write the name on the package so that I don't forget. I came home and looked for the name, Anchoa, in English.

To my surprise, Anchoa is a Spanish word for the anchovy. I have seen fresh anchovies many times in my life since I am from a town where the anchovy production ranks the #1 in Korea. I literally grow up eating fresh anchovy in my childhood but I have seen nothing like this big.


I learned that some large anchovies can measure up to 40 cm (15 inch). This guy was measured about 13 inch. I would never know that he is a cousin to my usual 3-inch anchovies by looking at his appearance.

Grilled Fish with Soy Lime Chili Sauce

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Sausage Pea Lemon Rice Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:41:58 +0000

Do you have some leftover rice in your fridge? How would you like to turn your leftover rice that nobody cares for into something pretty and delicious that your family would enjoy?

Let's dress up you plain rice with a touch of make-over. Here is very simple sausage pea lemon rice. It can be a simple one dish meal on it own or serve as a side dish. You will love the lemony fragrance. I used Chorizo sausage but any fresh sausage will do the job.

Sausage Lemon Rice

All you need to make this delicious rice is sausage, peas, lemon, green onion, garlic, and a little bit of oil to cook together.

Sausage Pea Lemon Rice

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